Who’s this Katherine Brodsky character? It’s only fair to warn you: You’re dealing with a real-life femme fatale trapped in the random mind of a writer with an overactive imagination.

Things are buzzing all the time here. The contraptions rarely work. Thoughts just fly about in chaos, while little gnomes play chess (and other board games of their choice). Roses grow without thorns here. Lots of voices, none agree. It’s a world of contradictions. Bees give honey but don’t sting. Jazz hands here are a sensation. And quick wit is reigning king.

(warning, long read ahead)

But, on a more professional front, Ms. Brodsky happens to be a notorious multitasker. She has been a correspondent for the legendary Hollywood-trade Variety since 2011, covering the film/TV biz, VFX, gaming, animation, and other fascinating subjects like…tax credits.

As a freelance writer, Katherine has also contributed to publications such as The Washington Post, WIRED, EsquireThe Guardian, Newsweek, USA Today, CNN, The Independent, Playboy MagazineNew York Magazine/VultureAFAREntertainment Weekly, USA WeekendMashableElle CanadaBackstageMovieMaker MagazineMontecristoNUVODelta Sky Magazine, Time Out, Canadian Traveller, and many others.

For her stories, Katherine has had a chance to interview a diverse range of intriguing personalities, including Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Pulitzer, Tony, and Nobel winners and nominees. Some of these include Dick Van Dyke, Michael Douglas, Richard Dreyfuss, Sam Rockwell, Melissa Leo, Bryan Cranston, David Duchovny, Sir Ian McKellen, Willem Dafoe, Carl Reiner, Tom Hiddleston, Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt, Alan Cumming, Kiefer Sutherland, John Leguizamo, Tony Kushner, Xavier Dolan, John Patrick Shanley, Kevin Kline, Catherine Keener, Sutton Foster, Simon Pegg, Josh Hutcherson, Ethan Hawke, and even the Dalai Lama – just to ‘name drop’ a few.

Katherine has also served as a senior editor for popular online publications such as (a Dreamworks SKG company), MODA Magazine,, and, where she also inked a widely-read film column entitled, The MovieGuru (with guest experts like producer Peter Guber and actor Eric Stoltz).

She is also an experienced field producer having helped create video content for MGM/Orion, ABC, NBC/Universal, E! News, CW, BBC America, Freehold, Hallmark, Disney, CBC, Amazon Studios, Apple, and many others. She also directed “Off the Wall,” a two-part series for Telefilm Canada featuring quirky, intimate interviews with Canadian filmmakers/talent and well-known personalities which was shown on several TV channels, in cinemas across Canada, and as part of Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment.

In addition to her journalism experience, Katherine has an extensive copywriting background.

As a pop culture expert she has been interviewed by media outlets such as The GuardianThe Washington PostThe New York TimesOzyBBC RadioThe Globe & Mail, The Toronto StarE! OnlineMSNBCCBCCKNWUrban Rush/ShawVancouver Sun, and others. She was also interviewed for the Chicken Soup Book for the Achieving Soul.

She has served on the Narrative Jury for the EDA Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival (2014) and Whistler Film Festival (2013-2018), as well as the Leo Awards jury (2014). She was the keynote speaker for the BCATW Travel Writing Symposium in 2017, the Dark Futures series (2019), and has also set on various panels in Vancouver and New York. Katherine has also taught writing as part of Simon Fraser University's New Media Certificate Program for five years.

Katherine is a former member of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists and was previously a chair on the board of directors for Women In Film & Television.

On a more personal note, Ms. Brodsky is a dedicated fan of comedy, Bob Fosse (“All That Jazz”), Leonard Cohen, world travel (a major addiction), film, theatre, espionage, and New York City. And no matter what anyone says, she loves musicals, too. She has also secretly trained in the art of thespian-ship until 3AM each night at Carnegie Hall, as well as in stand-up comedy so that her words become more infused with jest – when permitted.

In between naps, she writes scripts and song lyrics (which she also sings, secretly).

Katherine likes to wear sunglasses at night and leads a mildly successful cult in her spare time: “Katherineology,” furthering the goal of eventual world domination.

Aren’t you sorry you asked?