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ANOTHER YEAR (movie review)

Judging by the response at the Q&A after the screening of Mike Leigh’s ANOTHER YEAR at the New York Film Festival (at Lincoln Center), I was the only person in the audience who was not aware that the performances in … Continue reading

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Barney’s Version (movie review)

BARNEY’S VERSION has all the winning characteristics of a great film.  It is based on beloved Canadian author Mordecai Richler’s award-winning last novel; it is produced by Robert Lantos; and it has a cast worth bragging about including Paul Giamatti (who scored … Continue reading

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Reflections on BLACK SWAN (movie review)

I saw BLACK SWAN at the Toronto International Film Festival and something about it spoke to me more than any other movie I’ve seen in quite some time. Perhaps my own scarring experiences with ballet, as well as the pursuit … Continue reading

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Twitter & Movie reviews in 140 characters or less?

Truth be told, I was behind on the whole Twitter bandwagon. I’m not sure I ever even really embraced social media (aside from Facebook), but I didn’t want to get left behind in the dust either so I made sure … Continue reading

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Attack on Wikileak’s Julian Assange

I have to confess that I’m not yet 100% sure where I stand on Wikileaks. Random documents secret or not, taken out of context and released to a large uneducated, uninformed public, aren’t always a good idea. But what do … Continue reading

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Facebook can recognize YOU!

I hadn’t considered the implications before, but Facebook’s ability to recognize you and your friends isn’t just some nifty feature. Given how many people are members of Facebook and large a corporation it is, this is a powerful facial recognition … Continue reading

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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome…

Somehow it seems appropriate that I would start my first blog entry on my newly launched site with a story. It is the sordid tale of how I entered this trap of becoming a writer.

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