Attack on Wikileak’s Julian Assange

I have to confess that I’m not yet 100% sure where I stand on Wikileaks. Random documents secret or not, taken out of context and released to a large uneducated, uninformed public, aren’t always a good idea. But what do I know, I wanted to be a spy growing up.

What I despise seeing, however, is the character assassination of Julian Assange, wikileaks’ fearless leader. I understand why the government might want to go after him, but what really sickens me is how the media has decided to exploit all sorts of stories about Assange, ranging from his sexual charges (which are somewhat relevant given that’s what he has been arrested for) to his stalker-like notes to a young woman (much less relevant), to his dating profile (not relevant at all).

The media isn’t doing this because they hate Assange, they are doing it because they are milking a cheap story. That’s what is fundamentally wrong with the media today. And we gobble it up, of course.

Julian Assange, however, is irrelevant to the discussions around Wikileaks. He’s just a man. The discussion needs to be about Wikileaks, the nature of government secrets, the content of the leaks, the harms and benefits…not on Assange. In a way, he is now the distraction from the real conversations we should be having. More than a little ironic, isn’t it?

What do you think? Lend your voice, leave me a message.

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One Response to Attack on Wikileak’s Julian Assange

  1. The very purpose of leaking these documents is to educate and inform the public. If even one in a thousand actually looks into the context of these documents it is a very, very good thing. We will not be able to stop the state from spying on us but what Orwell missed was that if we stayed on top of the technology, Little Brother could keep an eye on Big Brother too.

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