Facebook can recognize YOU!

I hadn’t considered the implications before, but Facebook’s ability to recognize you and your friends isn’t just some nifty feature. Given how many people are members of Facebook and large a corporation it is, this is a powerful facial recognition tool that can be used for good or evil. And I’m concerned.

Drawing from billions of faces, Facebook can now recognize you in a photo that just about anybody uploads.

So if anybody wanted to hunt down your whereabouts, your connections to other people, in theory, they could easily do it through Facebook… Law enforcement’s dream, and I’m pretty sure that with the proper warrant they are allowed that access.

Although, facial recognition isn’t quite perfect yet, you might get away with it some of the time.

On the other hand, a company executive told CNET that the new feature can actually also be good for your privacy. Getting tagged will alert you to any photos of you on the Internet you might have not known about so that you could remove the tag or fight to remove the photo.

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