Twitter & Movie reviews in 140 characters or less?

Truth be told, I was behind on the whole Twitter bandwagon. I’m not sure I ever even really embraced social media (aside from Facebook), but I didn’t want to get left behind in the dust either so I made sure I educated myself on what was available out there.

I confess, I didn’t get Twitter. I signed up in 2008 and refused to ‘tweet’. Twittering is for twats, I thought. But lately, I’ve been enjoying it (or perhaps I’ve finally morphed into a twat). I’ve learned to use it in a way that works for me. I follow people who give me the daily news and humor that I can get a kick out of, and I try to make my own posts educational or funny or provoking. I also retweet interesting posts by others. This seems to work. I’m not famous so my following isn’t huge, but it’s growing. People don’t even seem to hate me. Probably because they are strangers who don’t know any better.

This all brings me to this little experiment that I’m part of. The brainchild of veteran producer/distributor/exhibitor Ira Deutchman, is basically a curated Twitter feed mashup of 140 character movie reviews. According to the site: “Contributors are invited based on their standing in the industry, or based on the quality of their tweets. They can be critics, curators, distributors, filmmakers or articulate fans.” Deutchman expects honesty, cleverness, and the word “awesome” to only be used once a year if desperate. Those are the ground rules, kids.

Although I don’t write film reviews so frequently anymore, sometimes I still get the craving to share my thoughts on movies I see with the world. My reviews were never 140 characters long so I find this to be a challenging exercise. The economy of words. How do you fairly judge a film without really saying all that much about its intricacies. Somebody’s lifetime of work reviewed in just 140 characters… It’s tough. And it has already gotten me into trouble. But there is still something rather intriguing about the process, about having to be so economical with words…pithy. Sometimes we use too many words to get to the point of what we really want to say. Maybe because we keep avoiding getting to the point. To state something so simply can be at least a little dangerous.

These short reviews certainly won’t replace serious film criticism, but can provide an overview of what people are thinking, without having to scroll down, down, down, and…


Word count for this blog entry: Way more than 140 characters.


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2 Responses to Twitter & Movie reviews in 140 characters or less?

  1. Ira Deutchman says:

    Glad you are enjoying it. I’m hoping that if enough people participate, it can become a great way of seeing a snapshot of opinions. Anyway, I’m enjoying it too.

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  2. admin says:

    That’s really what it is, I think: a snapshot of opinions (but curated). A great idea. Thank you.

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