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My imagination and attention have been recently captured by a nifty little site, Well, perhaps it isn’t so little given that the site boasts millions of visitors and users. In essence, what XtraNormal does is allow just about anyone with an idea and a script to create basic animation. You can choose characters, backdrops, sounds – even camera angles. Basically, you can bring your text to life. Some user generated videos have received millions of viewers for concepts that would have otherwise been much more dull as text.  

Although initially XtraNormal was free to use, there is now a point system in place. All users start out with 300 points and are able to earn additional points for referring others. Or they may purchase points — the site does need to sustain itself somehow. At any case, the cost of entry is low enough for the average person. You can use this for something as mundane as a customized holiday greeting card, to creating your own movie (or creating an animated storyboard for one), or explaining trigonometry to kids in a fun and unique way. You’re limited only by your imagination (and, well, the pre-existing animation).

At any rate…it’s fun. Visit:

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