I’ve been writing for Variety lately, and it has been quite an interesting experience. I’ve learned all about execs ankling, directors helming, pics going into prods with tight scheds, and so on. I also got to attend SIGGRAPH, which has been one of the most wonderful experiences for me as of late.  There, I managed to get a 3D model of me made to be used in an iphone app, a hologram-like trading card of my mug (collect them all!), got my head printed, moved objects without touching them, became an animated character, watched 3D without glasses, had a hologram jump up from a barcode, and hugged a creepy android creature. And that’s just part of it. Oh, and I learned quite a bit too. VFX, animation…interesting worlds.

You can read my stories for Variety at:

The Sept 8 issue can also be seen as part of the TIFF display in the window at Holt Renfrew. I spent some energy trying to track down a copy, only to find it open to the pages with my stories in the window display. Though I am still copy-less.

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