Willem Dafoe on ‘The Hunter’

During this year’s TIFF, I got a chance to interview Willem Defoe about his new movie, ‘The Hunter.”  Admittedly, in all the flurry of the festival, I nearly missed the interview. But I’m glad I eventually made it because this Defoe character struck me as someone I could easily have a pint with. If I actually happened to drink beer, that is…but for him I’d make an exception.

The actual interview was published by the The Independent, but here are a few teaser quotes:

On choosing film projects…
“The attraction is more what appeals to me as an actor and as a life adventure,” he explains. The understanding and appreciation of the film’s themes, on the other hand, come later. “I don’t know what these are until I’m there,” admits Dafoe, “I can kind of sense out what may be fertile ground for exploring.”

On location movies…
“[…] I think – generally speaking – it’s not always comfortable – but I love location movies. And I love stuff outdoors because it guides you. It really helps you tell the story. And keeps you from being able to control things absolutely.“

It also allows for interesting possibilities.

“I mean you think of the role of weather when you’re shooting outside a lot. It’s interesting. It’s like a divine partner that sometimes messes you up and sometimes helps you. And to have that strong element that you can’t control and having to deal with it always keeps you in a place of attention.”

You can read the full article at: http://www.aivf.org/magazine/2012/03/willem_dafoe_daniel_nettheim_the-hunter

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  1. Raymond says:

    It’s cool, keep doing!

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