Being a Writer…

To be a writer is to be on an eternal search. Usually searching for the kind of words that would blow a reader’s socks off — and not because they stink.

You’re constantly observing people for some small detail that would give them away…as someone more interesting than they really are. Spies. Serial killers. We’ll take anything over an accountant. No offense to accountants. I know quite a few who lead double lives and are therefore just as interesting as serial killers. Some of the accountants I know are, in fact, serial killers – at least anyone who’s ever undergone an audit would attest to that.

Then there’s the small matter in the choice of prose. So many decision. There’s scriptwriting, but by the time the studio finishes on these re-writes, you won’t recognize your name. Playwriting seems noble, but who wants to be noble when it all but guarantees a spot in the poorhouse. Writing music is a spirited thing, but elevator music is what pays the bills.

You want to be a novelist? Then you must write about vampires.  Poetry? Come on, don’t make me laugh.

Journalism? It’s been dying for years, or haven’t you heard?

Or perhaps, try the new frontier: Twitter. In 140 characters or less. Well, that doesn’t work out to much if you get paid by the word, now, does it? Besides, no one reads you unless you’re famous. And if you’re famous, you’re probably rich already. And if you’re famous, but not rich…something is wrong.

To write is very difficult. What if inspiration strikes and you don’t have an iPad handy? Just a scrap of paper and this little thing they call a pen, I think.  The true writer must fight carpal tunnel to express. Or else, the true writer must steal someone else’s iPad.

So why do we write? Why, to impress others with our fancy usage language, of course — Otherwise known as our ability to look up words in a thesaurus. To astonish others by our abilities to use grammar, semantics, and polished sentence structure. The absurd lack of those things can create the same effect, too. (see above)

Sometimes, we even write because we actually have something to say!

Imaginary worlds, invoking words. Feelings trapped under heavy objects desperately seeking freedom.  A desire to share, to provoke.  To rescue thoughts from the maze in your head. To breath life by scattering words on a page, like a magician. Because you can’t not do it.

But really, I think that a writer writes in order not to forget.

Do YOU like to write? Leave a comment, below…

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  1. Raymond says:

    nice article, guide and some inspirational words.

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  2. Katherine Brodsky says:

    Thanks for reading, Raymond! And for your kind note, too.

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