An Update…

I never think I’m going to be busy. So I’m wrong most of the time. I’ve been paddling as hard as I can beneath a sea of work, as well as a pet project: a a new event series in Vancouver called STAGE to SCREEN. Our first event which mixes film, live theatre, and conversation, turned out beautifully, with a truly engaged audience, and a wonderful guest, Pulitzer/Tony winner, David Auburn (ProofThe ColumnistThe Girl in the Park). Now, everyone keeps asking, who’s next?

Since I’ve been so terrible at providing new content for this blog, here are a few recent articles I’ve written:
Is the Other Woman Not Safe for Men? (Mashable)

Stephen Hawking Develops Cartoon Series Aimed at Kids (Variety)

James Caan Boards ‘Preggoland’ (Variety, exclusive little scoop)

Step into the Ring – a Q&A about a different approach to screenwriting offered by a workshop that I had taken (The Huffington Post)

I’ve been busy writing other things too: Magazine articles that will surface soon, a new script, and a play (a musical?).  But worry not, I’ll find an interesting topic to spam these pages with soon enough.

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