My Year: A (Very Brief) Recap

This hasn’t been the perfect year (is it ever?), but it’s certainly been a productive one. At the top of the year, I made some concrete plans. To my own chagrin, I kept many of them. As result, I’ve had many adventures.

I wanted to travel more. So I did. And I wrote about some of these destinations, like California’s Carmel and Australia’s Queensland. That’s right. I got to hug koalas, feed kangaroos, and swim in the great reef barrier for a living —something I didn’t even know I wanted to do.

This year, I’ve contributed to several new-to-me publications including The Washington Post, The Guardian, Esquire, Vulture/New York Magazine, AFAR, Dreamscapes Magazine, TraveLife, NYLON Magazine, FLARE, InsideHook, The Freelancer, and Paste. I wrote about filmmakers and screenwriters, spies and undercover agents, a movement to go green in the film/TV industry, virtual reality and smart technology, and at least one rapper. This year, I also got to hire and work with writers as an editor, ghostwrote content for a major publication, and have become busy with copywriting work—which I actually enjoy!

And this is just the writing part. But I won’t bore you with other details.

The best part of writing, at least for me, is getting to learn some of the most fascinating-yet-random things and crossing paths with people (like Carl Reiner & Dick Van Dyke) who keep you on your toes and in awe! I look forward to more of that in 2017.

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