Find Travel Inspiration From These Five Eco-Minded Instagrammers

Looking for some travel inspiration? With Instagram, you can hold a mirror to our planet, its inhabitants and its cultural treasures. Some photos go beyond simple travel inspiration though. They can ignite a desire to change how we interact with the world around us and encourage us to make conscientious, sustainable choices on our journey.

With that in mind, here are five Instagram accounts you can follow to get hyped for your next eco-minded voyage.

1. Insatiable Traveler

Award-winning travel photojournalist Susan Portnoy is known for sharing photos of remote locations, wildlife and indigenous people, with an eye towards conservation efforts. Originally from the Midwest, Portnoy is now a Manhattan transplant who takes her camera along on adventures to destinations ranging from Machu Picchu to Mongolia and Myanmar. She’s visited 50 countries so far with her camera in tow.

Portnoy hopes her photography will be contagious and inspire others to travel and connect with the world around them. Her stunning work has appeared in publications such as Mashable, Solo Traveler, The New York Times and USA TODAY.

2. Green Global Travel

Eco-travel is the focus of Green Global Travel. This husband-and-wife duo hopes to inspire people to better themselves and the world by engaging in responsible eco-tourism, wildlife conservation and cultural preservation. Their goal is to save the world one story at a time.

Following their Instagram also means you’ll get to enjoy some environmental eye-candy; think delightful chameleons and colorful village life in Tanzania, monkeys in Costa Rica and meals from Tahiti, often delivered with some factoids.

3. Jasper Doest

Award-winning Dutch photographer Jasper Doest believes he can give something back through his conservation-focused photography, and that capturing nature can bring him closer to the world, others and himself. For Doest, photography is all about emotion. A split second can be used to tell a story, capture it for eternity and reveal the beauty around us. Through his work, Doest seeks to give a voice to those that are often overlooked, share his experiences and persuade people to care about our environment, sustainability and conservation, all through the power of an image, his superpower, you might say.

4. Lauren Bath

The Australian media dubbed Lauren Bath the country’s first professional Instagrammer, and since joining the fray, she’s built a rather large following with her colorful landscape shots. But what makes her images stand out are the brief, intimate commentaries that accompany them.

5. Travel for Wildlife

You might not want to get too close, but if you’re the kind of person who loves animals (and really, who doesn’t?), you’ll love following this Instagram husband-wife team of two wildlife photographers, Hal and Cristina — one of whom also happens to be a zoologist. These two are wild about wildlife, and it shows.

Feeling inspired yet? Check out their visual stories and consider an eco-friendly adventure yourself.

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