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How the Film & TV Industry Can Make a Safe Comeback During COVID-19

When the announcement came that production was shutting down, most crew members and talent were just about to get ready for the next scene.  Most were told that this would be a two week hiatus, with a wait-and-see approach. Two … Continue reading

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From the archives: Michael Douglas

(Published in 2014) Michael Douglas offers me water and ensures that I’m comfortable during our interview at the Toronto International Film Festival. Is there anything he could get me? I decline, but thank him, acknowledging that it’s very nice of … Continue reading

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Find Travel Inspiration From These Five Eco-Minded Instagrammers

Looking for some travel inspiration? With Instagram, you can hold a mirror to our planet, its inhabitants and its cultural treasures. Some photos go beyond simple travel inspiration though. They can ignite a desire to change how we interact with … Continue reading

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Make the Most of Your Flight Stopover

Don’t stress about small stopovers in your travel plans. Instead, think of them as mini vacations tucked into your existing one. Many airlines offer great deals if you’re willing to take on a flight stopover, so not only will you … Continue reading

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Five Air Travel Tips to Get You Through a Long Flight

Jetting off to an international destination? You’ll need some air travel tips to survive and even enjoy your long flight. Here are five:

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On Learning to Drive (and Trust)

“What took you so long to learn how to drive,” said the examiner as he got into the car, saddling himself next to me. No doubt, preparing for a bumpy ride. But, indeed, what has taken me so long? All … Continue reading

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My Year: A (Very Brief) Recap

This hasn’t been the perfect year (is it ever?), but it’s certainly been a productive one. At the top of the year, I made some concrete plans. To my own chagrin, I kept many of them. As result, I’ve had … Continue reading

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‘Face Paint’ and Lisa Eldridge

I have to admit, I’ve always thought makeup or ‘face paint’ as something rather frivolous—or practical (since it’s so handy at hiding flaws from people with otherwise perfectly good vision). But then, as I learned more about it, I began … Continue reading

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Dick Van Dyke, Carl Reiner & Other Writing Pursuits

It’s been a while since we talked. You, kind readers (all five of you), don’t deserve the silent treatment.  So I thought I’d share some of my most recent stories: Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner on pushing 100, charming … Continue reading

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Interview: David Duchovny – Mr. Positivity

Not too long ago, in the year 2015 (now but a distant memory), I got to chat with Mr. David Duchovny as he was in the throes of soundcheck for his musical performance that night. This resulted in a cover … Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson on Escobar, Acting & Benicio Del Toro

There’s more to Josh Hutcherson than The Hunger Games. Not that he minds being associated with the exceptionally popular franchise, but he’s equally passionate about bringing to life stories that are perhaps a little less special effects driven. Stories like Escobar: … Continue reading

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Robert X Modica

July 30th 1931-March 14th 2015 (83) I don’t know what to say. I mean, what can you say when someone so spectacularly special departs? All I can do is recall his story, told through my own (rambling) recollections… Robert Xavier … Continue reading

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