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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome…

Welcome to my humble blog (launched at the very closing of 2010). It’s nice to see you. Even though I don’t really see you. This is a virtual space, after all.

Well, since I cannot see you, I also cannot see you judge me. And so, on this blog I will post all sorts of things I may not dare say to your face.  But mainly, I will be sharing interesting news, movie reviews, interviews, film scoops, travel stories (I’m addicted to travel), my views on things ranging from media to society to politics and life.  There will also be many musings. I’m warning you now.

It’s sort of like a journal, but without the lock-and-key.  In fact, I invite YOU (that’s right, you) to comment and share your own thoughts. I want this to be fun. Enlightening. Maybe even educational sometimes. I’m not really sure where I will take this, but I’ll try not to crash into a ditch. Though, no promises. It has happened before, after all. (A ditch and a tree, to be exact).

Thank you for reading, readers…My thoughts as they strike me! (ouch)

Please, don’t be a silent reader either, comment away. Let’s have a dialogue. Otherwise it’s like talking to myself, and I do enough of that already.

Also, be sure to read my very first blog post about why I write and how it all began…

3 Responses to About Blog

  1. Jim says:

    Looking forward to some good reading.

  2. Miss Viv says:

    Great writing! Am an avid fan. Keep me intrigued.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry it took me so long not current but I’ll catch up thank you so much all for one one for all pass it on, can’t do it without you! thanks

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