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‘The Bling Ring’ & the Age of ME

We live in a society that is obsessed with celebrity. That statement cannot come as a shock. Whether it’s the usual suspects, which consist of movie stars with megawatt smiles, or athletes with the Herculean abilities, or larger-than-life, carefully crafted … Continue reading

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Transmedia – A Richer Canvas for Telling Stories

Let’s talk about Transmedia, for a moment. Long gone are the days of static content. Consumers are looking for more and transmedia storytelling offers an increasingly popular approach for creating property-based universes. Transmedia content itself is also evolving. It’s becoming … Continue reading

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Kevin Smith takes the truly indie route with RED STATE

I have recently been invited to and attended a private screening of RED STATE set up mainly for bloggers in Los Angeles. That’s almost immediately after Kevin Smith had announced he would be doing no press screenings and went on … Continue reading

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Golden Globes and That Damn Facebook Movie (aka The Social Network)

This year marked the first time I’ve watched the Golden Globes. I have heard that the previous year, Ricky Gervais was highly entertaining as host and that alcohol flawed freely. This year, Gervais was set to be back as host … Continue reading

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Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar nominated INCENDIES – Movie Review

Denis Villeneuve’s INCENDIES has been praised unanimously and has earned a place as Canada’s official selection for the 2011 Academy Awards. Adapted from the acclaimed play by Wajdi Mouawad, “Incendies” shadows the voyage of two young adults to the core … Continue reading

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Barney’s Version (movie review)

BARNEY’S VERSION has all the winning characteristics of a great film.  It is based on beloved Canadian author Mordecai Richler’s award-winning last novel; it is produced by Robert Lantos; and it has a cast worth bragging about including Paul Giamatti (who scored … Continue reading

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